Advantages Of Playing Blackjack Online Vs. Playing It Offline

With the growing popularity of online casinos it has become very easy for all kinds of players to try their hand at gambling and make a quick buck or two. Given its popularity in pop culture and the mainstream media, blackjack is clearly one of the most popular online casino games that beginners and experts both like to play. That being said, many people wonder if the online experience is really as great as the offline one. After all can online casinos ever match the glitz and glamor of the real world ones? That perhaps isn’t possible however there are other factors that make online gambling a much more lucrative prospect.



Low cost of entry

All you need is a computer and an Internet connection to get started with online blackjack. On the other hand if you were to go and gamble at those glitzy casinos in Vegas and Atlantic City, you would have to book air tickets, hotel rooms and pay for other luxuries & amenities that you would use during the trip. Such a trip will in any case have to be planned in advance and not have the convenience that playing online can provide.


Anytime gambling

Online casinos are open 24/7, 365 days a year. You can play online blackjack in the morning, in the night and any other time you desire. If you have friends over perhaps you can interest them in playing a hand or two themselves. Even if you are travelling and have to wait around at the airport, you can simply whip out your tablet or your PC and start gambling online right away. It’s entertaining and accessible at all times.


A comfortable experience

You could sit in your underwear and gamble online- such is the comfort of the whole experience. No one is around looking at you or staring at you, expecting you to make a decision quickly. You can play at your own pace; however slow or fast you want. When you play blackjack in a real world casino, you often have to wait for other players, waiting for the cards to be dealt to them, wait for them to make their decisions and place their bets. In the online casinos it’s all about you. No need to wait around aimlessly.

Similarly, you are in the confines of your own home, in familiar and comfortable surroundings. Heck you could play it lying on your bed if you wanted. A much better experience than sitting on a stiff seat on a casino table.


Distraction free playing

Gambling in general can be considered dependent on luck however blackjack is one game where adequate skill and quick decision making can massively better your chances of winning and making money. The problem in a real world casino however is that they are constantly trying to distract your attention with music, pretty waitresses and free drinks not to mention the massive crowds of people who always seem to throng the casinos.

When you play online on the other hand, it’s just you sitting alone in your own comfortable surroundings. No one is there to disturb you, distract you or influence your decisions in any other manner. That itself betters your odds as you can make decisions and play with your mind solely concentrated on the game and not on anything else. Remember, that if you want to win at blackjack then you must keep your focus on the cards and nothing else.


Signup offers

Online casinos do not have to incur the overhead costs that offline casinos have to put up with. As a result they can offer much better introductory offers to new and returning players. For instance, many casinos will let you play a few free hands without you needing to make any deposits whatsoever. This allows you to get familiar to their style of gameplay.

Many others will even give you a handy signup bonus to gamble with. Can you ever imagining with the house money in a real world casino? Never. There are literally thousands of signup bonus offers littered over the Internet and as a player; you are certainly spilt for choice. Just make sure that you select the offer that is best for your style of play before signing up.