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Blackjack Myths You Still Believe

Blackjack is the most popular card game in the world, quite often involving money. Maybe for this reason there are so many myths surrounding the game. For a precious few, this is not only a game with cards, much more than a form of entertainment but a way of making money. Inevitably, these Blackjack masters are often the root of all myths surrounding the game. Them, and of course endless Hollywood movies that have shown every side of the game possibly except the true one.

Can you solve blackjack?

Can you make money playing blackjack?

Is card counting a myth or a skill?

Do casinos break your legs if they catch you cheating?

So many questions, so little time. But let’s get this straight of the bat. NO, Blackjack pros are not unicorns. They exist and YES, you can make money playing Blackjack as they do. Having said that, you must remember that casino ALWAYS has the edge. That is why living on blackjack, earning with blackjack requires not only playing the perfect strategy but also knowing when to sit down, where to sit down and certainly, when to leave.

Is blackjack solvable?

If by solvable we mean solving the way to make money, then no. But, if we mean playing near perfect strategy, the answer is a definite yes. Keep in mind, there is always some guesswork involved, we don’t know the dealer’s second card, there is a wide range of cards that can still come. And yet, Blackjack is solvable by using the information that the player has. And it’s actually not that hard to find this information online. There are charts, strategy videos even computer programs that can teach you faster.

Can you use card counting to win at Blackjack?

Again, the answers are yes and no. Not in a sense that is often portrayed in the movies. Technology, monitoring are much better now not to mention that it was not shown realistic in the movies in the first place. But you can learn to count cards to improve your chance of winning.

Where to Play?

As mentioned above, playing a perfect strategy is only a part of earning money through Blackjack. Knowing when and where to sit as well as when to eave are just as important.

As far as where, you can play in brick-and-mortar casinos or online where you have two options, sit down at a completely virtual table or launch a video stream from a live casino and play with the dealer.

Each has its own advantages. For example, live casino has the atmosphere, online casino and live casino online has a range of different bonuses like the one at BGO casino, etc.

But one thing we can surely recommend. Play first at on online casino. Play at your own pace, at your own cash limits or even for free and practice. Then, practice some more. You have to get used to all the strategies, winning and losing so that it stops affecting you. Only then you will be suited to play Blackjack for the big bucks and actually expect to win.