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The Importance Of A Blackjack Strategy To Win Money

Much more than a mere game of chance, blackjack is a game of skill and with a good strategy the player can gain a big advantage over the house. According to mathematicians, a good player can reduce the house edge to as little as 0.5%. Compare that to the house edge of 5.26% in games like roulette and you will see why blackjack is widely considered to be a game where serious money can be made.

However do not expect to just sit on the blackjack table fir the first time and start winning. Like anything else, it takes time and practice to develop skill and a sense for implementing your gaming strategy. Here are some things that you should seriously consider if you want to better your chances of winning money at blackjack.

Learn the rules

As obvious as it sounds, it's amazing how many people do not have a good grasp on blackjack rules. For instance, many people are completely not well versed with the concept of splitting the cards where a player can split an initial hand of two same value cards, to expand their chances of winning. You have to do it only once, so might as well spend an afternoon learning all the rules and regulations that govern the game.

Develop your own personal system

As you play blackjack over the course of time, you will begin to get a feel and what players often refer to as ‘an instinct' for the game. At this stage, nothing will help you more than to build a conscious decision system for yourself. For instance, when you get dealt an initial hand that totals 8 or less you must always hit. Bingo! That's one less decision that you have to make. Or if your hand totals between 17 to 21 then you will obviously stand.

What if you get dealt a soft hand like an ace and a 2? Or perhaps you have an initial hand consisting of a pair of fours? Do you split or do you hit? In both of these cases you have to consider the dealer's hand to make your decision. The last thing you want is lingering over this decision or showing any uncertainty. This is what developing a system does for you- you always have answer at the ready allowing you to play the game in a swift, confident manner.

Take online help

There are lots of sites and blogs that discuss blackjack strategy in detail. There are even places where you can download blackjack strategy charts that detail out what a player should in any given situation. While these might seem generic, they are a great start to learning strategy and will help you massively with developing your own personal strategical approach.

Card counting

Card counting is perhaps the most successful way to win at blackjack. People have practiced and used it for winning purposes for decades and the Vegas casinos hate it so much that they frown over its use and often don't allow players to play, if they insist on counting cards.

That being said, its important to remember that card counting is not illegal at all. It's just a strategy that gives a player, a massive advantage over the casino and that's why they hate it.

The concept of card counting believes that high ranked cards are bad for the dealer while low rank cards are good for a dealer's hand. The reverse is true for the player. As a result, a card counting player will keep track of the cards that are left to be dealt. If the chances of most of those cards being high value are more, then it's a good idea to bet more. If on the other hand, most of those cards are likely to be low value giving the dealer an advantage, then maybe the player will not want to play at all, thereby saving his or her losses. As great as it sounds card counting is not easy and requires a lot of practice.

While the chances of you winning at blackjack are higher than at any other game, please remember that it's all a matter of remembering your strategy and practicing. The more you play on a daily basis, the faster you will get better at the game.